Technology has changed the way we find jobs.  An increasing number of companies, including us at Food Industry Associates, are embracing social networks (and not just LinkedIn) to find stand-out candidates.

Job seekers who use social networks in the right way might find it’s a fantastic platform to help secure a new exciting career move, or just keep networked in their industry until the right opportunity comes along.

Social networks won’t guarantee you a job, but if you’re a bit stuck in your search and are looking for a new approach, focusing on your online presence might help.

We’ve compiled a list of articles to help you refresh your presence online and get ahead of the game;

1. First, familiarise yourself with the basics of social networks:

2.  Get to grips with hashtags and learn how to network on Twitter:

3.  Take 30 minutes to make sure everything is in place to impress recruiters or potential employers:

4.  We’re on the fence about mixing Facebook and your professional life. However, if you do want to use Facebook in your search for a new job, here are some helpful tips:

5. The first thing a lot of people probably notice on your LinkedIn profile is your photo. If you’re not sure if your photo is making the right impression, have a read of this

Still not convinced social media is important for your job search? Read this article on just how many recruiters rely on online methods to find candidates:

Now you’ve got your online presence up to date, start networking and connect with us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.