We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite food and drink brands going the extra mile.

T Plus

T plus create fruit flavoured green tea loaded with essential vitamins, but that’s not where they stop in their fight to make vitamins more accessible. They have a simple pledge that really makes a difference – 10p from every box of T Plus sold is donated to Vitamin Angels, who aim to defeat malnutrition. That means for every 2 boxes sold, a child is supplied with vitamin A supplements for a whole year. If that isn’t a good enough reason for drinking delicious tea, we don’t know what is!



‘Snactivism’ has grown out of the founders’ aim to make a positive impact on the world around them. A hot topic right now is that of food waste, with companies like FareShare recently partnering with Tesco to donate excess food to charity. Snact’s products are made from surplus fruit, tackling food waste head on and preventing this fruit from contributing to the 7 million tonnes of food the UK throws away each year.
We’re often guilty of throwing away a rather sad banana in the office, and after looking at this infographic, the extent of our food waste problem is rather worrying. From now on I think we’ll be eating a lot of banana loaf.



Wessanen, who own brands such as Clipper Teas, Kallo and Whole Earth are passionate about protecting the planet for future generations. They have recently partnered with the International Tree Foundation to help African communities better manage their natural resources. The big aim is to plant 20 million trees in and around Kenya’s highland forests by 2024, whilst also educating young people in the importance of trees and helping with several smaller projects.


The Collective Dairy

Closer to our home in Yorkshire, The Brownlee Foundation was created by the Olympic medal-winning triathlete Brownlee brothers to help kids keep active. The Collective Dairy have created a delicious Brownlee inspired yoghurt, Apply & Blackberry, of which 5p of every tub sold goes towards supporting the Foundation. This yoghurt certainly gets a thumbs up from us!


Toast Ale

Like Snact, Toast Ale are tackling the food waste problem by using bread, which would otherwise be thrown away, to make Ale…. Ingenious! But that’s not it – all of their profits go to the charity Feedback, who support the fight against food waste. An excellent idea, and now they’ve made their recipe public you can start turning bread into Ale yourself.


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