It’s our aim to get to know your company inside out so the candidates we present are a perfect fit.

Securing the best talent is undoubtedly competitive, particularly at the moment.  Unsurprisingly every company wants the best sales people but keeping them happy can be tricky. Especially with the ever-increasing perks offered by competitors.  We’re here not only to help you find that top talent but also advise on ways you can keep your team happy long term.


  1. Flexibility

Treating people like adults is a big part of what we stand for.  Recognising a small change can make a big difference to someone’s day is an important factor in keeping your employees happy.  We’re not talking about bending to every request, but recognising your employees might require a bit of flexibility from time to time can be extremely rewarding for both parties.


  1. Communication

They say communication is key and it couldn’t be truer than in a professional environment.  Communicating exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate to your recruiter at the start of the process saves an enormous amount of time going forward.  If the brief changes, let your recruiter know.

Communication with your employees is also vital for maintaining a happy working environment.  Too frequently we get a call from a candidate wanting to leave their role because of lack of communication, which often could have been easily resolved.


  1. Value and reward your team

Valued employees will be more likely to stick around, even when times get tough.  If your employees are doing a good job it’s easy to let them know.  Rewards are a great way of incentivising the team and letting off some steam at the end of a project and is a great way of bringing everyone together.


  1. Keep up with (and ahead of) your competitors

Give potential employees a reason to want to join your company.  If all your competitors are offering amazing perks, you need to stand out from the crowd and sometimes think outside the box to attract and retain the best talent.

Along with incentives, extra holiday days, home based contracts and competitive pay, a good training programme or proven track record of development within the company is extremely appealing to potential employees.


If you’re looking for your next employee or want some advice on how you can appeal to the top talent in the market drop us an email to or call 01132 195704.