Even the healthiest among us crave chocolate once in a while.  Clean eating has gained a lot of hype in the last few years, and the rise of better-for-you snacks lining supermarket shelves shows how this trend has evolved.

Luckily, chocolate hasn’t been left behind; companies are creating ingenious ways to help us enjoy it with a little less guilt.

Whilst it’s said there are health benefits to eating dark chocolate, for me it just doesn’t cut it.  Tucking into a square reminds me of that ‘mockolate’ episode of Friends (sorry to any dark-chocolate fans!).

So, in the wake of National Chocolate Week, below are our list of ways to still get that satisfying hit without throwing the diet completely out the window.


Raw chocolate at its finest. Certified organic, vegan and Fair Trade, Ombar are on a mission to make chocolate better. Raw chocolate has benefits due to the way it is processed – lower temperatures mean the goodness and nutrients of the cacao beans are retained. With flavours such as raspberry and coconut, pistachio and coconut and vanilla, taste certainly isn’t compromised.

Doisy & Dam

Doisy & Dam set out to bring a new level of chocolate quality to the UK.  Superfoods are packed into their flavour combinations, with each bar including less than 8 ingredients. Say goodbye to highly processed nasties. Along with all the nutritional benefits, you can also feel good about supporting a B-Corp – a company that hold themselves accountable for social and environmental standards.

For Goodness Shakes 

This one is for everyone who likes to satisfy their chocolate craving with a milkshake. For Goodness Shakes’ range of protein shakes contain no added sugars and are boosted with vitamin D and folic acid to help your immune system.  Low in fat, these surprisingly chocolatey shakes are perfect for a protein boost and tasty on the go ‘milkshake’.


Ape Coconut Curls

Ape Coconut Curls are delicious. Super chocolatey and a great desk snack, they’re all natural, gluten free and vegan. They’re not out to claim a million health benefits, but what they offer is real natural food inspired by a paleo lifestyle. Also, they’ve partnered up with Action Against Hunger to help improve the lives of malnourished children. Not only do they donate 2% of their profits, but as a team they have agreed to also donate 2% of their salaries.

Halo Top

Finally, an ice cream you can eat a whole tub of and not feel guilty!  Halo Top’s ice creams contain around 320 calories per tub and under 6 grams of sugar.  If that’s not enough to draw you in, their packaging is beautiful – each tub topped with a ‘halo’ of gold.  With no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours, and suitable for vegetarians, this chocolate ice cream is pure guilt free indulgence.